Resumption of Celebration of Public Masses

September 26, 2021

️Peace of the Lord

Expecting that the fourth State of Emergency will be lifted at the end of September, Archbishop Kikuchi issued a Notice on September 24.

Following the Archbishop’s Notice, celebration of public masses and holding of church activities in the Parish of Matsubara will resume from October 1.

We ask, however, that we observe thoroughly the infection-control measures that we have been implementing since February 17, 2021. We ask for your cooperation.

1. At the entrance, disinfect your hands from palms to fingertips with sufficient amount of sanitizer. Use the automatic dispenser installed at the entrance. 

2.At the church, always wear mask and maintain social distancing. Be mindful always of ventilation. Keep your mask on and maintain a distance of at least one meter from each other.

3. When conversing, stay as far away as possible from each other and make your conversation brief. During the mass, someone will recite the community’s responses, prayers and acclamations. Remain silent during the mass and avoid conversations before and after the mass.

4. Follow instructions from a member of the Liturgy Committee and your district coordinator. Someone will see to it that the measures on the infection-prevention checklist are strictly observed.

5. As much as possible hold your meetings online. The parish has its own ZOOM account. Use it for your meetings, study sessions and prayer-meetings. Please let me know or the office workers in advance if you, for a very important reason, want to hold a face-to-face meeting. If approved, such meeting should not exceed two hours. Refrain from eating and drinking in the church.

6. If you have an underlying illness or are not feeling well, please pray at home. Please listen to concerns raised by your family about your health or going to church. The Archbishop of Tokyo has decreed that everyone is dispensed from the obligation to participate in the Lord’s Day Mass during the pandemic.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Edgar Gacutan
Parish Priest